Thursday Tid-Bits


I hate when I want to blog about something, but I can’t yet.  I have a certain topic I need to keep under wraps for a bit longer, and it’s consuming my thoughts and preventing me from thinking of other stuff to write about.  Freeze Head. I was thinking about Elora yesterday and did write […]

Remember When…

This face kept us up all night

Remember when Dylan went to the hospital recently because of his breathing and they sent him home with an inhaler and said it was asthma and allergies?  Well apparently he’s really allergic to New York because he has been miserable most of this week. He has been getting progressively worse as the days go by. […]

Dylan’s Adventure

What Dylan did while awake yesterday.

Yesterday Dylan was acting ornery, and he was congested and coughing.  He slept off and on all day, and even after a dose of over the counter medicine, he wasn’t acting any more normal.  He didn’t even want to eat- which is so not Dylan. He took a long nap late in the afternoon, and […]

More Please!

Yesterday, the speech therapist taught the boys how to sign ‘more’ and ‘please’ while she was here.  Ryan picked them right up and has been using them ever since, but Dylan is a bit more resistant.  And of course, he’s the one doing the most pointing, grunting and whining. The past week or so, Ryan’s […]

WW: Ryan shows his true colors


I always tell people Ryan’s the mean one, even if he’s littler and looks so sweet an innocent… After the post-bath jumping (and biting) was over, they stopped for a banana break.

Deck the Halls


December 9th and we still hadn’t taken down some of our Halloween decorations, let alone started on Christmas- and forget about Thanksgiving!  Since Dylan had taken a super late and long nap, I decided that he and I would head out and get the tree and accessories while Aaron put the rest of the kids […]