Hair. Ugh.

Yesterday, while the twins and Mia were in the living room watching TV, Ryan decided to trim his hair. It’s wispy and some was sticking up, and he wanted it flat. I still don’t know how he managed to do it without Mia noticing, he was sitting two feet in front of her, between her […]

My Heart Stopped Today

I realize that my blog has become a sort of vent-a-center or something lately.  It seems that my life has decided to keep me on my toes.  I figured my van drama was the last of it for awhile, until it breaks again or whatever, and I thought I was good to go for at […]

Riding the Train

I’ve always been pretty relaxed about potty training my kids.  I figure when they’re ready, it will happen.  I’ve had some train early, and some late, but so far, aside from Bacon, everybody has figured it out.  I thought about encouraging Bacon this summer, but with the move it seemed like it’d be bad timing. […]

Butt Wipes

I started to post this on Facebook earlier, and then thought it was the sort of kid story only my mom and husband would find funny.  Then later on, I was in the shower and Bacon came in to ask me some random toddler questions like ‘Mommy take baff?’  and to point and yell ‘ARMPITS! […]

Scattered Thoughts

Just some general tidbits about what’s been going on here recently… Ryan had appointments with the oncologist and ophthalmologist this week.  All came back good!  He had blood work done and an EUA, and they decided he doesn’t need an MRI this time and that he doesn’t need to be seen again for another 5-6 […]

RTT (Random Tuesday Thoughts)

The kids and Aaron had yesterday off because of ‘Marvin Lubert Junior King Day’.  We had a nice, lazy, long weekend. Bacon has always been a babbler- but lately he’s been repeating so many things we say.  Of course, as a toddler, his favorite word is NO.  The other night, Aaron asked him what we […]