Twin Visit

Dylan and I went to visit with Ryan this afternoon. He’s feeling a lot better and was eating when we arrived. He is set to receive a short 15 minute infusion tonight around 9pm and provided he feels OK afterwards, he might be able to come home. He says he misses us all and is […]

Educational Conundrum

Last year, Ryan had an aide who followed him around all day, and basically did his work for him.  We didn’t know it at the time, as she was supposed to be helping him when he couldn’t see the board and stuff.  But it seems as if she was helping too much.  Last year, when […]

Oh, Ryan…

Bit of background: Ryan struggles with writing, especially at home. At school, he has the use of this $3000 device that helps him by amplifying the paper and inverting the colors as well as projecting it on a screen that is upright, like a TV. All these things really help him use what limited vision […]


I don’t remember four being this challenging in the past.  Of course, the last time I had a four year old, it was a girl and 5 years ago, and I think girls and boys go through different difficult stages.  It’s been a decade since I had a four year old boy, and back then, […]

Wordless Wednesday

WW- Four

The twins were four months old when the top photo concerned me and led to Ryan’s retinoblastoma diagnosis.  Now they are four and his eyes are still shining white in photos and he’s undergoing chemotherapy again for a recurrence. Interesting to me is that the one showing more white is his “good” eye, but I […]