Halloween 2017

Even though Ryan had chemo last week, he was feeling well enough to Trick or Treat tonight.  He made a point to to stay inside over the past few days so he wouldn’t ‘catch any germs’.  The twins and Mia went as Stormtroopers and since Bacon seems to think he’s in charge of everyone else, […]

Memorial Day Weekend Post

This past weekend was a long one- Aaron had Friday and Monday off- as did the boys in NY.  Ethan and the girls only had Monday off.  Ethan’s prom was Friday night, and since the kids were gathering here for photos, Aaron went up to NY to pick up the other two boys, and Evan’s […]

Things That Need to be Real Things.

I found this on tumblr, and thought it was amazing so I wanted to share.

Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Inspired by a image I found on Pinterest, I created some adorable ornaments filled with everything you need for a perfect mug of hot cocoa- except the hot water!   I found clear plastic ornaments at Michaels, that are discs and not spheres.  Then I gathered up all the goodies that could be used as mix-ins […]

From the Archives: Simple Halloween Decor

Pick Your Own

Last week, Aaron, the kids, and I went to a local pick your own farm that we found.  In addition to a big store filled with fresh picked fruits and veggies, baked goods, and more, there was a tractor hay ride that brought you to the picking areas, a playground, splash pad, petting zoo, and […]