Things That Need to be Real Things.


I found this on tumblr, and thought it was amazing so I wanted to share.

Hot Chocolate Ornaments


Inspired by a image I found on Pinterest, I created some adorable ornaments filled with everything you need for a perfect mug of hot cocoa- except the hot water!   I found clear plastic ornaments at Michaels, that are discs and not spheres.  Then I gathered up all the goodies that could be used as mix-ins […]

From the Archives: Simple Halloween Decor


Pick Your Own


Last week, Aaron, the kids, and I went to a local pick your own farm that we found.  In addition to a big store filled with fresh picked fruits and veggies, baked goods, and more, there was a tractor hay ride that brought you to the picking areas, a playground, splash pad, petting zoo, and […]

Our Splurge!


One day while out exploring the area and shopping, I noticed a sign- Six Flags, Next Exit.  Wait, what?  I was only like 30 minutes from our house!  I have never lived so close to something like that before.  Aaron absolutely adores amusement parks, so when I told him, we went to the website to […]

Nobody ever wants to do anything fun.


As I looked at my over-sized utensils hanging on the wall in the dining room, I thought, there’s got to be more for them.   I mean, they brought us such amusement at the store, and even telling the story of our shopping experience to my mom and Aaron led to fits of laughter- so much […]