Twin Visit

Dylan and I went to visit with Ryan this afternoon. He’s feeling a lot better and was eating when we arrived. He is set to receive a short 15 minute infusion tonight around 9pm and provided he feels OK afterwards, he might be able to come home. He says he misses us all and is […]

Chemo Day One

Just a quick update… more coming later. Ryan went in yesterday to get his port placed, and he started chemo late last night.  He spent the night at the hospital so they could monitor his recovery and will be receiving more today.  Aaron said after the port placement he woke up famished and ate a […]

Hospital Adventures

Last Friday, I went to the doctor to get a refill on some medications that I’d run out of.  I’d been out for quite awhile but was having issues with switching Tricare and whatnot.  Because of that. my blood pressure had been running high for awhile and that day was no exception.  My pulse was […]

Poor Bacon

I’d thought we’d left the hospital days behind us when Logan was released from the NICU, but he had other ideas.  Yesterday morning, he was acting off- just really whiny and inconsolable.   He was fussing when we’d try to feed him, and he felt a little warm.  I figured it was the beginning of an […]

Logan Update & Pics

I’m so far behind!  I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages.  Bacon is so amazing- he decided on the first day of life that he hated c-pap, so they switched him to the much smaller nasal cannula to see if he could keep his oxygen levels up with just that.  He did fine, although […]

Baby Pics

It’s hard to get good photos of Bacon since he’s still under the bili lights, with his eyes covered.  But I was able to hold him last night for about two hours (complete, utter bliss!) and managed to snap a few cell phone pics.  He snuggled right into me and I found myself telling him […]