Bacon’s Arrival, part 1

As usual, my body and Bacon decided they weren’t going to follow the plans of the doctors.  On Friday, I had a couple of high blood pressures, and even though I had no other symptom and my labs came back OK, they decided to move me over to L&D and start the magnesium sulfate, just […]

32 Weeks! Squash.

32 weeks was my goal at one point, so now it’s 34.  Although that would mean another 14 days on hospital bed rest… but what ever is best for Bacon, right?  I am not sure if I’ll make it that far though, because my blood pressure is slowly creeping up despite the meds I’m on.  […]

I’m having a day.

I’m really not feeling myself today.  I think I’ve remained pretty upbeat for someone who has been in the hospital for more than three weeks.  I’m not a crier, but every once in awhile these dang pregnancy hormones get the best of me.  I see all these pictures on Facebook of kids meeting Santa, families […]

Week 31, Day 18

Bacon is a pineapple!  That seems pretty big, if you ask me.  I remember when I hit pineapple with the twins and thinking there was no way there were two of them in there! Speaking of my pregnancy with the twins, I went through my blog, trying to figure out just how long I was […]

It’s Monday.

I had been feeling like every day was the same here at the hospital, much like that movie Groundhog Day.  My daily excitement consists of deciding what to order for each meal. Aaron and the kids come a few times a week.  It’s a long drive- over an hour each way- so it’s too much […]

Gestational Diabetes and Hospital Food

The Friday before I was admitted, I received a call saying I’d failed the three hour glucose tolerance test and needed to come in to learn how to control my blood sugars- what to eat, when to test my blood glucose level, when and if I’d need insulin… The appointment was set for the following […]