Update on Ryan’s Appointment

Just a little recap- During his last exam they couldn’t see what all was going on in his bad eye- the one that turns in more- because there was blood in it. I guess that can happen as the eye tries to repair itself from the tumor damage. So the other day he went back […]

All at Once

Do you ever notice how crappy things happen all at once?  I know they say bad things happen in threes, but I’m not counting any longer.  I am generally a pretty optimistic person, and for the most part happy, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed.  I do believe it started with our van- about two […]

The End of the Saga… for now.

The van is running.  It still needs about $1000 worth of repairs, but with Aaron switching from active duty to his new job, and only being in training right now, it’s just not going to happen.  Hopefully if I baby it and only use when I absolutely have to, it will hold out until we […]


I had an appointment at the elementary school today for Ryan’s IEP stuff.  Since Aaron’s in training, I had to bring Bacon with me.  He was so excited to go to ‘ghoul’.  He spent the morning packing his backpack, and chose some choo choo trains, Snoopy, a sippy cup, and a package of wipes.  He […]

Scattered Thoughts

Just some general tidbits about what’s been going on here recently… Ryan had appointments with the oncologist and ophthalmologist this week.  All came back good!  He had blood work done and an EUA, and they decided he doesn’t need an MRI this time and that he doesn’t need to be seen again for another 5-6 […]

RTT (Random Tuesday Thoughts)

The kids and Aaron had yesterday off because of ‘Marvin Lubert Junior King Day’.  We had a nice, lazy, long weekend. Bacon has always been a babbler- but lately he’s been repeating so many things we say.  Of course, as a toddler, his favorite word is NO.  The other night, Aaron asked him what we […]