Best Day Ever.

I did a lot of waffling with this enucleation.  I really wanted to save Ryan’s eye.  But once he said he wanted it out, and then Dr. Shields said get it out, I figured we were making the right choice. And after the call we received from pathology today, I’m even more sure we did […]

Tough Guy

Ryan came home from his surgery on Monday and was groggy from the anesthesia. They’d dilated his other eye to do a thorough exam while he was under, so it was sensitive to the light.  He was super hungry, and wanted to eat.  He fell asleep a little early, but said he wasn’t in any […]

Last Time

We just sent Ryan to bed- he has to be at the hospital at 6am for his surgery tomorrow.  He wanted to wear his eyeball leggings, this kid, I tell you.  Such a trooper.  I took a quick picture of him before tucking him in, and I’m not going to lie- it’s killing me to […]

Quick Ryan Update

We’ll find out at some point today what time exactly, but Ryan’s enucleation is scheduled for Monday morning.  It’s an outpatient procedure, so he should be home that night.  They said it will only take an hour – an hour and a half.  He’s more upset that he doesn’t get to pack a suitcase to […]

Ryan Update # One Zillion

So Ryan. After waiting what feels like FIVE EVER for the doctor in Philly to call back about the MRI results that were sent to her, we finally just went to see the local doctor again for some more testing and information.  He is still leaning towards enucleation, and explained all the procedures he’d have […]

Update on Ryan’s Appointment

Just a little recap- During his last exam they couldn’t see what all was going on in his bad eye- the one that turns in more- because there was blood in it. I guess that can happen as the eye tries to repair itself from the tumor damage. So the other day he went back […]