‘Round Here

For the first couple of days after Ryan has chemo, he is wiped out.  Nauseous, sleepy, etc.  But then as the days go by, he gets back to himself and has way more energy than any kid who has to stay home every day should have!  We have teachers coming daily- two a day every […]

Quick Friday Morning Update

Poor Ryan has spent the last two days since coming home from the hospital right here on the couch. He’s been nauseous and not really hungry, so we’ve been giving him his Zofran and pretty much anything we can get him to eat. He hasn’t even wanted to really watch TV or play Minecraft, which […]

Twin Visit

Dylan and I went to visit with Ryan this afternoon. He’s feeling a lot better and was eating when we arrived. He is set to receive a short 15 minute infusion tonight around 9pm and provided he feels OK afterwards, he might be able to come home. He says he misses us all and is […]

Chemo Day One

Just a quick update… more coming later. Ryan went in yesterday to get his port placed, and he started chemo late last night.  He spent the night at the hospital so they could monitor his recovery and will be receiving more today.  Aaron said after the port placement he woke up famished and ate a […]

Some not entirely too awful news…

We received  call today that the spot on Ryan’s leg is a non-malignant cyst.  Yay!  I am so happy to hear that it’s not osteosarcoma.  However, they still want him out of school and he went at the end of the day today to say goodbye to everyone.  They threw him a little party while […]


Right now Ryan’s sleeping on the couch. He had the detailed scans of his leg and since they put him out for it, he came home drowsy and napped.  He’s been confused all day- he woke up from his nap asking if it was time for breakfast, but it was dinner time.  Then he asked […]