All at Once

Do you ever notice how crappy things happen all at once?  I know they say bad things happen in threes, but I’m not counting any longer.  I am generally a pretty optimistic person, and for the most part happy, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed.  I do believe it started with our van- about two […]

What the #$&!

A neighbor child who attends school with Lili got into trouble for swearing, and told her mother that Lili taught her the words.  I don’t doubt that Lili knows them, and I would be foolish to think that most kids never use them around friends.  I remember how cool it seemed to cuss.   It’s like […]

I am so over road trips.

I went to visit family in NY last week.  My drive up went fine, despite my worries.  I was concerned because it was just the twins and me- no other adult, no helpful older siblings.  We stopped in a hotel about halfway into the drive and they were good- even if we did all end […]


Awhile back, I was at Target, and I had both boys in the cart in their car seats. I passed by this woman and her 2 or 3 year old daughter, who was throwing a tantrum. She was totally all out screaming, throwing herself on the floor, kicking her feet. The mom was just watching […]

How do you deal?

In response to my Ask Me Anything post (which is still open, by the way) Alicia threw a toughie at me. I am always curious (DESPERATION) about how other mothers with houses full of small children stay sane… or have patience… or remain compassionate toward their children when they want to pull their (own) hair […]

Parenting Woes & Christmas Gifts

So Christmas has come and gone here at our house. It was a nice day, everyone was well behaved and happy. I’d had some reservations about what to do about gifts for Lili. I’ll admit to being frustrated with her lately, more than usual. I mean why should I buy toys for a girl who […]