‘Round Here

For the first couple of days after Ryan has chemo, he is wiped out.  Nauseous, sleepy, etc.  But then as the days go by, he gets back to himself and has way more energy than any kid who has to stay home every day should have!  We have teachers coming daily- two a day every […]


Before last week or so, I would have told you that keeping Ryan back a year was absolutely the best thing we’ve done.  He’s been happy, and he’s been doing a great job catching up to his classmates.  He’s learning braille like woah and seems to be loving it.  On all accounts, it seems he’s […]

Back to School, 2016

The kids started school today- and I’ve got one in high school, one in middle school, two in elementary, and one home with me.  That’s three wake up times and three bus stop times.  Fun. This is the first year the twins have gone without Mia, so that’s a little nerve wracking.  I like having […]

Educational Conundrum

Last year, Ryan had an aide who followed him around all day, and basically did his work for him.  We didn’t know it at the time, as she was supposed to be helping him when he couldn’t see the board and stuff.  But it seems as if she was helping too much.  Last year, when […]


I had an appointment at the elementary school today for Ryan’s IEP stuff.  Since Aaron’s in training, I had to bring Bacon with me.  He was so excited to go to ‘ghoul’.  He spent the morning packing his backpack, and chose some choo choo trains, Snoopy, a sippy cup, and a package of wipes.  He […]

Weekend Recap

The second week of school is about to kick off, and we’re settling into a routine here in SC.  We’ve been spoiled with Aaron on terminal leave.  He will be beginning his training this week though, so back to reality I guess.  It was nice having him for the first week of school, especially since […]