2016 Word of the Year.

I wasn’t going to bother this year, because I didn’t do much with last year’s word- or so I thought.  I couldn’t even remember what I picked for a minute!  But the word I chose last year was Trust, and the more I thought about it, the more appropriate the word really was for me. […]


Usually around this time of year, I make some goals or plans and pick a word, as inspired by Marcia.  This year, I haven’t even given it any thought.  Last year I chose ‘Enhance‘ for my word.  I put a decent dent in the list, so that’s good. I did the money jar thing last […]

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I think Bacon is getting sick again.  He’s sleeping more than usually and he’s congested again. Poor baby.  He absolutely hates when you wipe his face, and of course I’ve had to do it about a million times today. He’s also *just* tall enough to reach the lever handles that are on all of our […]

WotY Update for January.

After I decided that enhance would be my word of the year, I made a rough draft of a list to try and brainstorm what exactly I wanted to do with my word.  I published it in a blog post so that I’d be held accountable, and you can read that right here.  It’s still […]

Word of the Year

Marcia always does a word of the year.  Last year I picked one, but I didn’t get as invested in it as she does.  I chose “treasure” for 2013, and while I didn’t go all out, I do feel like I did embrace it a little bit at least.  I definitely made a conscious effort […]

Enhance 2014

Enhance is my word of the year.  Here’s a rough draft of the things I’d like to focus on!  This is mostly for my reference. Home: Living room: Mount the TV Shelves around it Shelf behind little couch Photos on walls Curtains Lighting Put something on the wall behind my couch Pantry: Organize Take inventory […]