When I Last Posted

When I last posted, I didn’t know the extent of the van saga.  I was naive and optimistic about how things would turn out.  Here it is, two days later, and I’m really not much closer to having a vehicle again.  After I posted, I made sure to turn the ringer on high on my […]

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My Day So Far (and it’s only 1pm!)

I had to drive the kids to school today in the pouring rain because they missed the bus, and there were puddles that I thought were going to swallow my van.  I was seriously freaking at a few spots, although the boys thought it was cool. After everyone was at school, I came home and […]

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These Days #streamteam


With the kids going back to school, Bacon has been a bit sad at times.  He misses them during the day, with only me to play with.  He is dying to ride the bus with them, and frequently will pack his backpack when they are packing theirs.  When they get home, he’s so excited to […]

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I had an appointment at the elementary school today for Ryan’s IEP stuff.  Since Aaron’s in training, I had to bring Bacon with me.  He was so excited to go to ‘ghoul’.  He spent the morning packing his backpack, and chose some choo choo trains, Snoopy, a sippy cup, and a package of wipes.  He […]

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Riding the Train

Bacon blur as he runs away from me to play with the 'wins.

I’ve always been pretty relaxed about potty training my kids.  I figure when they’re ready, it will happen.  I’ve had some train early, and some late, but so far, aside from Bacon, everybody has figured it out.  I thought about encouraging Bacon this summer, but with the move it seemed like it’d be bad timing. […]

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Super cool fantastical spammy advertising.


I’m going to put this here because even though I’ve shared elsewhere, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on these.  All summer long, Jamberry has been doing a Throwback Thursday thing, and this week the wraps were the amazing Holographic ones.  These were everyone’s unicorn.  They retired awhile back and they would go on […]

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