Oh, Ryan…


Bit of background: Ryan struggles with writing, especially at home. At school, he has the use of this $3000 device that helps him by amplifying the paper and inverting the colors as well as projecting it on a screen that is upright, like a TV. All these things really help him use what limited vision […]

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Around the end of September, I happened to come across a conversation online about the wonders of the Erin Condren Life Planner.  So many people were raving about it, so I started looking into them, and decided I wanted one.  My grandmother sent me birthday money, so I splurged and bought one for myself, and […]

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Get the most out of holiday shopping this year! (And $50 to Amazon!) #KrogerGC4xFuel


Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Tatu Digital Media. All opinions are my own. I am a last minute person when it comes to holiday shopping- I haven’t even started yet.  I did begin making a list, but it’s not complete.  The problem with waiting until the last minute is that I miss out […]

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Tiny Fans and the Cuteness Factor

Sports fans around the world wear team gear to support their favorites. For some, it’s just a team jersey but others choose to select a specific player’s jersey to purchase. Having a favorite player on a team shows devotion and stronger fan loyalty. Serious fans even make sure the newborn family member has the proper […]

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The other day, I was so over everything, and having a hard time just dealing, so I deactivated my Facebook account.  I have no idea WHY I decided that I needed to do that, but in a fit of… something… I just went with it.  Then, I picked up a notebook and started writing.  I […]

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Monday Stuff.

Remember how we were going to move into a different house once it opened up so we only had the necessities with us?  Well… it is getting a bit colder and we are starting to need the things that are in storage.  You know, like coats and pants.  Shoes that aren’t flip flops.  It’d be […]

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