RTT (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


The kids and Aaron had yesterday off because of ‘Marvin Lubert Junior King Day’.  We had a nice, lazy, long weekend. Bacon has always been a babbler- but lately he’s been repeating so many things we say.  Of course, as a toddler, his favorite word is NO.  The other night, Aaron asked him what we […]

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Chuck E. Cheese for Dinner


I received a guest pass to experience Chuck E. Cheese with my family to facilitate my review. I know most parent’s roll their eyes at the thought of heading to Chuck E. Cheese- and it’s not high on your list for a family dinner out, but I think that’s because we often go for parties.  […]

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New Year, New Stuff to Watch! #StreamTeam


I am so excited about the new shows and movies on Netflix, and this month marks the releases of a lot of great ones!  I love watching shows with several seasons, and when I found out Friends was going to be available as of January 1st I was thrilled.  I can’t wait to relive my […]

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Bringing Back Insta-Friday


It’s been a long time, I’m sure there’s a few good photos to share…  Also?  It’s actually FRIDAY.  

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He’s Two.


Well, despite my denial and insisting that he stay a baby forever, Bacon turned two.  I hate that he’s growing up, but he’s at such a fun stage, and that makes me want to freeze time.  I still have to post my Bacon of the Month Club photos for 23 and 24 months… but I’ll […]

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Usually around this time of year, I make some goals or plans and pick a word, as inspired by Marcia.  This year, I haven’t even given it any thought.  Last year I chose ‘Enhance‘ for my word.  I put a decent dent in the list, so that’s good. I did the money jar thing last […]

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