Netflix Stream Team


I am so excited you guys!  If you’ve been a reader here for a bit, you know I often go off on tangents about what TV shows I’m currently obsessed with.  You know I have a habit of binge watching something, and then mourning because it’s over.  And that I frequently come to you guys, […]

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Make-a-Wish Trip- Part 1.


I know that it’s been awhile since Ryan’s Make-A-Wish trip to CarsLand, but I never really talked about it other than to share some photos.  But I really want to talk about this amazing organization because they do so much for these kids.  I know the vast majority of my readers don’t have a kid […]

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Applegate’s Half Time makes healthy convenient!


Have you heard of the Applegate brand? They make meats- hot dogs, bacon, deli meats- but with only quality ingredients- no mystery meats here! They believe that quality starts at the source, and so they work with family farms in which animals are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. They want their meat to taste […]

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First Day of Kindergarten- My Quotable Kids.


The twins started kindergarten today, a bit belated.  We were waiting on paperwork from Ryan’s doctors, the school in NC they attended, and whatever else.  They were SO excited to go. Here is what they had to say about their day: After some further discussion, we learned Dylan went to the library while Ryan had […]

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The Chaos that is a Large Family


1.  Yes, we know what causes it.  We did it on purpose.  We wanted this many kids.  No, we’re not Catholic.  Yes, we have a TV.  Yes, our hands are full.  Yes, they’re all mine. 2. Our kids are rarely ever bored.  They always have someone to play with, and with large families, there’s always […]

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How To Organize Your Workshop Simply

Workshop Organization on Pinterest

The organization of a workshop can take on many forms. There are craftsmen who have a great deal of room in their shop, but there are other craftsmen who have a small shop they must organize as much as possible. Craftsmen should read more about top chests for toolboxes. These top chests provide the worker […]

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