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Well, it’s Tuesday.  Which means we all survived Monday!  But… it’s April Fool’s Day.  My little ones are oblivious, but the bigger kids might try something.  Although I’m pretty sure Bacon played a prank on me- he went to bed at his normal time, in the crib.  But usually he wakes up at some point […]

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Gracie’s Gowns


I recently came across Gracie’s Gowns- I think through one of my RB parents groups.  Since Ryan gets EUAs all the time, where they change him into a hospital gown, I thought perhaps it was something he might like.  I can’t believe I never thought of how having his own special gown for hospital procedures […]

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Bacon of the Month Club: 15!


I am so super late with this one, between worrying about the St. Patrick’s Day photos and then having a sick, snotty, barfing Bacon… BUT here they are!  His ever increasing mobility makes photo shoots hard.   This kid can haul butt!  He runs fast for having such tiny short little legs.  He climbs up everything, […]

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Some Updates


Ryan’s appointment at the ENT was unproductive.  He said that he thought perhaps Ryan scratched a cut on the inside of his ear, causing the bleeding, and that because of the blood he couldn’t really see in there.  He didn’t think that he punctured his eardrum.  He also said he doesn’t need the antibiotics that […]

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I don’t remember four being this challenging in the past.  Of course, the last time I had a four year old, it was a girl and 5 years ago, and I think girls and boys go through different difficult stages.  It’s been a decade since I had a four year old boy, and back then, […]

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