Butt Wipes


I started to post this on Facebook earlier, and then thought it was the sort of kid story only my mom and husband would find funny.  Then later on, I was in the shower and Bacon came in to ask me some random toddler questions like ‘Mommy take baff?’  and to point and yell ‘ARMPITS! […]

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In Search Of The Finest Companies In Property Management In St Petersburg

If you’re looking for a high quality property management in St. Petersburg, there are always a few key things to keep in mind. For starters, you aren’t just looking for a service provider – you’re looking for a trusted partner that will help maximize your return on investment while still providing you with the level […]

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Baby Jasmine’s Legacy


I was recently contacted by a fellow loss mom, Jennifer.  She lost her baby girl, Jasmine, at 24 weeks- which is right around when I lost Raime & Connor, and about when Elora was born.  In fact, her story is almost identical to mine with Elora, down to the hospital stay, low blood flow, and […]

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When we moved to NJ, Lili was halfway through 5th grade.  She started middle school the next fall, and spent our 2.5 years there in that awkward phase where she wasn’t a kid any longer but not quite a teen either.  Too old for some stuff, not old enough for much else.  As a result, […]

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Settling In.

We’re in our new (temporary) house here in SC now.  I forgot how hot the south is.  We ran out to the PX yesterday and I about melted- my car thermometer said it was 104!   Everything is so close here, in NJ we had to drive a good distance to even get to a […]

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Tomorrow we pick up the moving truck and pack it up and Thursday morning we head on down to South Carolina to start this new adventure.  I’ve been a military wife my entire life, so this may take some getting used to.  Luckily, with Aaron’s retirement benefits, we’ll still have access to the PX and […]

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