I am happy.  I am content with my life.  The things I am not OK with, I’ve either cast out of my life, or don’t bother me enough to change (yet). It’s November, so that means everyone on Facebook is posting what they’re thankful for each day.  It is a nice practice, and it’s especially […]

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photo 2

I was all set to do a Random Tuesday Thoughts and for some reason thought it was Thursday, so I figured the title could be RThT this time… and then realized it was Friday, which totally doesn’t go.  But I’m doing it anyway, because I’m just crazy like that. So Halloween was last week, and […]

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Random Baconness


It’s been quite a long time since I did one, so I figured it was a good day for a Bacon update.  He learns so much every single day at this age, and plus I have a ton of cute photos to share.  (I should probably go back to doing the Insta-Friday thing!) So, on […]

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Yes, that's a giant scab on his forehead, and yes, of course it was picture day at school today.

Starting school means another round of doctors for Ryan.  In order to qualify for special services, they wanted him to go to an eye doctor- not the specialist he sees in Philly- who knows the local schools and papers that would need to be filled out.  We had a sit down with his teacher, the […]

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Happy Halloween from Mystery Inc!


The kids went as Scooby Doo, Daphne, Velma, Fred & Shaggy.  Most of the stuff they wore was purchased at a thrift shop- and modified.  I think they ended up looking great!  Here was our inspiration:  

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Helpful Moving Tips for Military Families

Moving to another home or city is a time-consuming task that can be stressful on a family. Military families are quite familiar with the stresses of moving because they have to move more frequently than most civilian families. Fortunately, with the help of just a few tips on this page, a military family can reduce […]

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