Snoopy and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


We were sent the Sally costume in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions as always are my own. I love Halloween, and my kids usually have their costumes picked out way ahead of time- sometimes as early as August.  But this year we’re seriously slacking.  I blame the move, and six year old indecisiveness.  […]

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Thank Blog for Netflix!

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You’ve probably heard of this little storm we’re having down here in South Carolina.  School was canceled on Friday and again today.  We’ve already received a call that it’s canceled for tomorrow too.  My kids are getting an unscheduled five day fall break… We haven’t gone anywhere, so I don’t know how bad the roads […]

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Hair. Ugh.


Yesterday, while the twins and Mia were in the living room watching TV, Ryan decided to trim his hair. It’s wispy and some was sticking up, and he wanted it flat. I still don’t know how he managed to do it without Mia noticing, he was sitting two feet in front of her, between her […]

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Binge-worthy #streamteam


I’m a binge watcher. I will find a show, and watch the entire series if I like it. This is why I absolutely love Netflix. However, the south is evil and they put a data cap on our internet, so unlimited streaming is a thing of the past for me.  I don’t know why they […]

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Aaron’s New Job

I’ve always thought my husband was pretty awesome, and have always had complete trust and faith that he’ll take care of us.  I know he was getting worried as his military retirement was approaching and he hadn’t found a job yet.  I knew it would work out, and although we’re still having issues (our rent […]

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My Heart Stopped Today


I realize that my blog has become a sort of vent-a-center or something lately.  It seems that my life has decided to keep me on my toes.  I figured my van drama was the last of it for awhile, until it breaks again or whatever, and I thought I was good to go for at […]

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